BITCOIN versus ALT-COINs. Why crypto-currencies are a mirror of current human lifes.

Humans lives are like crypto currencies

About Awareness

Look at this

People who decided to live out of the mainstream society are independent - isn't it so?

Those people who don’t believe mainstream media.

Those people who choose to create their own lives without manipulation and without being controlled by someone or something.

Those people who are aware about what's going on and began to increase their consciousness level.

This are people who take responsibility for their actions as well as for the future of our planet.

Think about it.

From my perspective as a consciousness-developer and a crypto currency connoisseur this describes the philosophy of Bitcoin.

This Qualities are insured if people use bitcoin as their Currency and develop their projects on Bitcoin Blockchain.

Why? Because Bitcoin is programed on a decentralized blockchain.

Not anybody controls the data.

The Opposite

On the other hand we see people running after money.

You remember my LinkedIn post about monkeys? If not read it now!

Those people are controlled (unconsciously) Whether they know it or not.

Those people are manipulated and programmed (unconsciously)

Those people are kept stupid through controlled education.

Those people are used like slaves. Isn't it so?

Those people are not allowed to act outside the mainstream.

Those people are not capable to take responsibility in any case.

If something is going wrong they usually blame others or certain circumstances.

Those people are living as victims without human rights. Why? Because they are centralized controlled by outside forces.

Those people are completely dependent.

Time to awake.

Open your very eyes

Think about it. It is a metaphor.

From my perspective as a consciousness-developer and a crypto currency connoisseur this describes the configuration of ALT-COINs like

Etherium, Ripple, EOS, DASH,... and so on.

Why? Because Alt-Coins are programed on a centralized blockchain.

A certain force controls the data.

Free or controlled

Do you really want to be controlled?

Or is it much more attractive for you to live independent and free?

For sure. It is not easy to get rid of inner programs given from our Families, Religions, Cultures or DNA for example. But possible and absolutely necessary to grow consciousness to a independent person.

Being controlled in many cases seems to be easier. Because people do not have to worry about where something comes from or where it goes. For many it is easier not to take responsibility.

That is why I said

Crypto Currencies are a mirror of today's humans life

Today we see in the digital world exactly the same pattern as in humans societies all over the globe.

On the one hand a digital source that creates independency and freedom.

On the other hand we see a digital source what tries to keep us down and controllable.

It is no money game - its a power game

Open your eyes

Don’t let distract you from the plans behind.

Don’t let distract you from the big dream to make unbelievable amounts of money.

It’s not a money game.

Open your very eyes.

It’s a power game.

Unconscious people are like donkeys who run blind after carrots 🥕straight into a prison that never opens again.

A Call

Become aware what’s going on

Begin raising your consciousness level

Start mind opening educations

Don’t allow to be forced from outside powers any more

Become aware and use your unlimited inner power

Become the independent creator that life really meant to be

Take responsibility for our all future. this is fun!

Much more fun as running after ego-targets and just worthless wealths. isn't it so?

live your purpose

Expedition to you

Free yourself from inner and outer constraints

Body and Soul Retreat

Bali / Ubud

12th to 18th October 2019

Last thoughts on Bitcoin

Now it's up to us to choose Independency, personal responsibility and freedom for now and forever. In my opinion Bitcoin is the digital answer in the digital reality of future.

Form your own opinion. Take the right education.